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Our autonomous private security drone utilizes a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to power your private security teams with a state of the art drone that will allow them to double each members ability to secure locations, respond to multiple alerts faster, deploy in the field for fewer hours. Maintain line of sight of security points without putting your security teams at risk.

  • Enhance your security forces with advanced AI and effective ways to mitigate threats without putting their lives in danger.

  • 24/7 intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance of your property day or night.

  • Reduce costs on manpower with our security drones that do more for less.

  • Increase the flexibility of your security strategies by scheduling automated patrols or enabling manual control.

  • Increase your businesses' situational awareness by putting eyes in the sky and seeing live video of threats before dispatching security.​​

  • Ensure safety with autonomous rapid response to alarms and non-lethal threat mitigation devices.

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