Our autonomous police drones utilize a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to power your department, first-responders, and SWAT with a drone that will allow them to engage and respond faster. Maintain active control of tactical scenarios longer without putting your teams at risk.

  • Deploy non-lethal weapons to disorient and stun armed criminals.

  • Mobilize officers with live video footage of the situation and tracking of the suspect.

  • Increase response times by having expendable drones deploy to the situation immediately.

  • Provide Two-Way Communication between officers and threat.

  • Speak with potential suspects without giving away officer locations. Play prerecorded broadcasts for riot control.

  • Secure all entrances and exits with drone support units.

  • Expand a single officers area of coverage.

  • Get actual data-driven situation reports.

  • On-demand data analytics such as weapon caliber, number of suspects, and suspect location.

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Our mission at AeroShield is to use technology and cutting edge developments in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Vehicles to protect innocent life and give first responders a tactical advantage in any situation. Our team comes from a diverse background of young entrepreneurs, autonomous vehicle designers, aerospace engineers, and senior military, law enforcement and aviation personnel. Our team has mastered the craft of deploying top-line technologies in their respective industries. Take the next step and contact us to see how AeroShield can help you protect your assets and stay one step ahead.



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