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Our autonomous police drones utilize a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to power your department, first-responders, and SWAT with a drone that will allow them to engage and respond faster. Maintain active control of tactical scenarios longer without putting your teams at risk.

  • Deploy non-lethal weapons to disorient and stun armed criminals.

  • Mobilize officers with live video footage of the situation and tracking of the suspect.

  • Increase response times by having expendable drones deploy to the situation immediately.

  • Provide Two-Way Communication between officers and threat.

  • Speak with potential suspects without giving away officer locations. Play prerecorded broadcasts for riot control.

  • Secure all entrances and exits with drone support units.

  • Expand a single officers area of coverage.

  • Get actual data-driven situation reports.

  • On-demand data analytics such as weapon caliber, number of suspects, and suspect location.

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