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Next Generation Aerial Security Services

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We provide autonomous drone security and police solutions to protect your most valuable assets. 

Secure with peace of mind your infrastructure, public locations, and commercial assets.

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Our autonomous security drones utilize a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with non-lethal deterrents to deliver an advanced solution to safeguard property and protect human lives.

  • Fast & efficient on-demand response times.

  • Provides security, surveillance, intelligence, and stopping power.

  • Latest gunshot & shattered glass noise detection technology.

  • Tamperproof deployment stations for 24/7 operations & maintenance.

  • Automated LE & EMS dispatch.

  • Optional packages are available. 

  • Navigation by machine learning, no programming needed.

  • Facial recognition threat level analysis.

  • Real-time processing of data, audio, video, GPS.

  • Mobilize your teams with live video footage of the situation and tracking of the suspect.

  • On-demand situational data such as weapon caliber, number of suspects, and suspect location.

  • Analytics reports of all deployment scenarios. 

  • Real-time alerts sent to teams of your choice.

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Our mission at AeroShield is to use technology and cutting edge developments in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Vehicles to protect innocent life and give first responders a tactical advantage in any situation. Our team comes from a diverse background of young entrepreneurs, autonomous vehicle designers, aerospace engineers, and senior military, law enforcement and aviation personnel. Our team has mastered the craft of deploying top-line technologies in their respective industries. Take the next step and contact us to see how AeroShield can help you protect your assets and stay one step ahead.



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